Lt. Governor Dan Forest Responds to Governor Cooper's Call for a Special Session


Lt. Governor Dan Forest releases the following statement:

"Given the current posture of the legal case surrounding the North Carolina House and Senate Districts, I believe it would be premature to call an extra session of the General Assembly at this time. The only ruling currently in place requires the districts to be redrawn prior to the November 2018 elections. The Supreme Court of the United States vacated the lower court’s further remedy ruling and sent that vacated decision back to the lower court. Additionally, we still await the mandate of the Supreme Court ruling. An extra session at this time is premature.

Also, an extra session at this time is unnecessary as the General Assembly is currently in regular session.

Finally, I do not believe this to be an “extraordinary occasion” as set out in Article III, § 5(7) of the North Carolina Constitution, considering the procedural posture of the legal case and the fact that the legislature is already in session.

I accordingly advise against ordering an extra session."