FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Leaders celebrate North Carolina being the first in the nation to connect every single public-school classroom to high-speed Broadband

Graham, North Carolina

GRAHAM, NC -- Today, North Carolina Lt. Governor Forest, joined by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson, Superintendent of ABSS Dr. Bill Harrison, Sen. Rick Gunn, Rep. Stephen Ross, as well as vendors and local officials from Alamance County, celebrated North Carolina becoming the first state in the nation to connect every single classroom to high-speed broadband at Graham High School. This effort to connect all of our classrooms, which began over a decade ago, was originally not supposed to be complete until the next decade. Due to the partnership between many local, state, and federal agencies, this accomplishment will be finished by the end of this school year.


As the Chairman of the Special Committee on Digital Learning, Lt. Governor Forest has overseen the development and implementation of the Digital Learning Plan (DLP) that has been executed by the Friday Institute at NC State. The original DLP was set to connect all our classrooms by 2022, however through working with the FCC and the General Assembly the state of North Carolina leveraged funding and resources to accomplish the goal ahead of schedule.


Lt. Governor Forest stated at the event that “By connecting all of our public-school classrooms to high speed broadband, North Carolina will bridge the education divide allowing opportunity for an excellent education to all public-school students. You can see this type of opportunity already happening at Graham High School. A school that was trending in the wrong direction, but since the rollout of their digital initiative in 2015, the school has continually exceeded growth and increased a full letter grade on their performance record.”


Chairman Pai also added that “We have been a strong partner with the state of North Carolina, and today we see the power of that partnership in Graham High School and throughout your state… we need to continue to make sure that every student—regardless of where he or she lives has equal access to a great educational opportunity.”


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