Lt. Governor Forest on Charter Schools Advisory Board's Unanimous Decision to Temporarily Expand Virtual Charter Schools

Raleigh, NC

Statement from Lt. Governor Forest:

"I commend the Charter Schools Advisory Board (CSAB) for unanimously recommending to the State Board of Education (SBE) that our two statewide virtual public charter schools be permitted to temporarily expand enrollment. These two schools have been exclusively focused on delivering virtual education for more than five years in North Carolina. This expansion will only be for this upcoming school year for children in districts that either do not have a virtual academy option or do not have access to internet and devices. While the concerns brought forth by CSAB members and DPI staff are valid, there will always be some students who thrive learning in a virtual environment and others who struggle. Many of the larger districts across our state will soon discover this reality when they launch their virtual academies for the first time. No matter the concerns, this unanimous vote puts our students first and will offer a stable alternative to parents, especially those in our rural and under served areas. This could also help alleviate the issues we are seeing for those students with special needs and IEPs not currently being met. With the school year fast approaching, the SBE should swiftly consider this unanimous recommendation for the thousands of families looking for stability and certainty.”