Gov. Cooper is Playing Politics with Low-Income Families

Raleigh, NC

Statement from Lt. Governor Forest on the Cooper Administration proposing to defund the Opportunity Scholarship program for low-income families: 

"Gov. Cooper has sided with the far-left once again by proposing to gut our state's K-12 Opportunity Scholarships for low-income families. His message to parents across our state remains clear: He’s more concerned about playing politics with our children's education than he is with offering opportunity and full-time instruction to those who need it most. If private schools are good for Gov. Cooper and his family, why does he want to deny the same option to thousands of hard-working North Carolina families?"

Background on Opportunity Scholarships: This program provides up to $4,200** per student (each school year) toward a private school education for low-income parents in our state. The families that receive these scholarships have a median household income of about $31,000. While North Carolina ranks #1 in the Southeast for increased K-12 funding and per pupil spending, increased funding does not always equate to better outcomes. An Opportunity Scholarship is for hardworking families who believe that private school is the best educational option for their child. The far-left North Carolina teachers' union (NCAE) filed suit earlier this year to stop this program, even though in 2014 the Supreme Court upheld its existence. 

**The average amount of state level funding that is allocated towards each traditional K12 student is approximately $6,480. Therefore, the state saves about $2,140 on each student per year by allowing low-income parents the ability to utilize an opportunity scholarship. Opportunity Scholarships have saved the state tens of millions of dollars since 2013.