Teachers in North Carolina

Raleigh, N.C.
RALEIGH – Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest yesterday released the following video aimed at scrutinizing the "Annual Report on Teachers Leaving the Profession" document released last week by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

   Borrowing from this report, many news outlets have erroneously reported that 14.8% of "teachers left the profession" this past school year. Forest's video digs deeper into the report and documents that actually 6.8% of NC teachers left the profession last year.  

Forest's video reveals the following:

• 4.7% of teachers did not leave teaching, but rather switched schools/districts or went into school administration

• 2.3% of teachers were of retirement age and most did so with full benefits

• 1% of teachers did not have their contracts renewed due to performance or because their position was not needed anymore.

When you factor in all of this data, only 6.8% actually left the profession for any number of reasons. Forest also compares the 6.8% figure with the national average of teacher's leaving the profession which runs 15% in rural areas and upwards of 18% in urban areas around the country.

To view Lt. Gov. Forest's video, please click the following link: 


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