Economic Policy

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest understands there are many factors involved in developing a plan to grow the economy in North Carolina after years of decreasing growth and stagnation. 

Favorable Tax Climate:

To help create jobs, there must first be a favorable tax environment that attracts businesses to North Carolina and expands those already here. In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the largest tax cut in the history of North Carolina. After this historic tax cut, North Carolina went from being ranked by Forbes as 44th in the nation in business tax climate to 15th. We should not stop until we are ranked first.

Best for Business:

Rather than hindering economic growth, the state should foster it with less red tape. Having fewer regulations fosters a spirit of innovation in our state. Innovation has always been the fuel that powers the engine of our economy. Rather than hindering business, we should have a “customer service” mindset and assist companies already here and those relocating to North Carolina.

Education for a Growing Economy:

Education is another important piece to the puzzle of sustained economic growth. From pre-K through post-graduate education, a solid foundation is essential for the growth of the job market. The Lieutenant Governor supports vocational education through community colleges, which provide an excellent value for the students and brings much needed skills to industry. 

Reliable Energy Attracts New Business:

North Carolina will continue to grow economically if we can successfully keep energy reliable and low-cost—the number one concern of many international companies. We are encouraging companies to move to North Carolina and provide jobs to our citizens, and our available energy resources are a big selling point. 

A North Carolina Brand:

North Carolina also needs to develop a brand that shows the nation and the world that we are ready for business. Coordinated marketing can show businesses the advantages of operating where the energy is abundant, the workers are skillful, the taxes are low, and the culture is a welcoming one full of southern hospitality.