Energy Policy

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest is the chair of the North Carolina Energy Policy Council. The Council’s mission is to develop short and long-term energy policy for the state of North Carolina.

Energy Independence:

The vision for energy policy in North Carolina is simple: going forward, North Carolina should strive to be energy independent. We have an opportunity at this juncture in history to begin turning North Carolina from an energy consumer into an energy producer. Any successful long-term energy plan must be an “all of the above” plan, and it must be economically feasible and environmentally responsible. However, energy independence should not come at the cost of a severe negative impact. Funds must be spent judiciously and appropriate studies completed to ensure a positive impact on our state.

On-Shore and Off Shore Diagnosis and Extraction:

Dan Forest hopes North Carolinians will have the opportunity to develop on-shore energy production through the shale plays in our basins and explore the substantial energy resources in the waters off the North Carolina coast. With the appropriate rules and regulations in place, this exploration can be done safely and with great benefit to the economy and citizens of North Carolina. Our long-term policy must include provisions that account for the base amount of energy needed by our population. Currently available energies like nuclear, coal, and natural gas will continue to predominate, because it is impossible to meet the base amount of energy needed by our population solely through the use of alternative and renewable sources of energy.

Energy Innovation:

Innovation is essential to the long-term energy policy of this state. Innovation can be used in the gas field to lower the costs of natural gas recovery and in the arena of energy efficiency with the development of alternative and renewable sources of energy. Innovation will also help solve the problems associated with solar and wind energies through the use of low-cost, high-capacity storage mechanisms.

Energy for our Growing Economy:

Energy costs are a driver for the expansion of the North Carolina economy. The number one concern of many international companies is reliable and low-cost energy. Lieutenant Governor Forest is encouraging companies to move to North Carolina, and our available energy resources are a big selling point. By focusing on exploration, generation, and innovation, the Lieutenant Governor, along with the Energy Policy Council, is crafting a long-term energy strategy for continued prosperity in North Carolina.