Monday, February 7, 2022 - 00:00

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson on NC Supreme Court Ruling

Raleigh, NC
Feb 7, 2022

In a 4–3 party line decision, the Democrat-controlled North Carolina Supreme Court ordered North Carolina Congressional and legislative districts to be redrawn. This decision reversed the bipartisan and unanimous trial court ruling. All three conservative justices dissented from this dangerous decision.

Democrat activist Justice Anita Earls was the deciding vote, even though she should have recused herself from the case since her campaign was funded by the plaintiffs and the case was argued by her former law partner.

Lt. Governor Robinson states, “It’s very sad that activist judges, who speak at length about the injustices of the past when the rule of law was ignored over race and politics, make decisions based on those very things today. The hypocrisy of these political activists cloaked in black robes is dangerous to the freedom of our State and our Republic as a whole.”