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The Office of the Lieutenant Governor may award the "Medal of Valor Award" to a first responder upon recommendation from the highest-ranking official or member of a first responder unit. The Lieutenant Governor may also award one Medal of Valor Award to one first responder unit, once each calendar year. A Medal of Valor Award shall be for a first responder or first responder unit that has performed great acts of heroism while under threat of personal risk to safety, beyond the call of duty in the field. 

For the purposes of this subsection, a "first responder" includes any firefighter, paramedic, law enforcement officer, emergency medical services personnel, or rescue squad member."

All North Carolinians, including state employees, are eligible for all awards. Please note that self-nominations will not be accepted for any awards, and nominations from family members are highly discouraged. Awards are strictly honorary and not legally binding. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Supporting Documents

Biography: Please include details of the nominee’s years of service in North Carolina as well as any great acts of heroism while under threat of personal risk to safety, beyond the call of duty in the field.

Letters of Recommendation: recommenders can include any person (or group) who can speak to the nominee’s service, work ethic, character, leadership skills, community involvement, volunteerism, etc. Anyone can be a recommender including but not limited to: congressional leaders, former teachers, coworkers, community leaders, religious leaders, mentors, students, family friends, etc. Recommendations should NOT be completed by immediate family members.

All supporting documents should be submitted by email to using the following email subject line: Supporting Documents for Medal of Honor Nomination for: (include name of Nominee or Group). For example, Supporting Documents for Medal of honor: Jane Doe. 

Please use official letterhead whenever possible.

Medal of Valor Guidelines

Please consider the following information before submitting an award request. The Office of the Lieutenant Governor reserves the right to decline any request or make exceptions to these guidelines:

  • Requests may not be processed in time for the preferred presentation date. The Lieutenant Governor’s Office reserves the right to request further or additional information about the individual or group at any time throughout the approval process.
  •  Your request for the award will not be processed until the Office of the Lieutenant Governor has received all of the required supporting documents.
  • The issuance of the award does not indicate or imply a direct endorsement from Lieutenant Governor Robinson or the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

To follow up on an award request, you can reach us at 919-814-3680 or via email at

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