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Raleigh, NC
Jul 10, 2024

This morning at the North Carolina General Assembly, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson presented the first-ever North Carolina Medal of Valor to Lt. Lyndsey Moses-Winnings of the Craven County Sheriff's Office. This prestigious award recognizes her extraordinary bravery and commitment to public safety.

On Friday, October 1, 2021, members of the Craven County Sheriff’s Office responded to an incident involving an involuntary commitment order. During this attempt, the individual revealed a handgun and opened fire, critically wounding a deputy. Lt. Moses-Winnings promptly confronted the shooter, successfully disarmed them, and prevented further harm to her colleagues. Her actions that day unquestionably saved the life of the injured deputy, who would have otherwise remained in danger.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson remarked, “It was a great honor that we presented Lt. Lyndsey Moses-Winnings with the first North Carolina Medal of Valor, recognizing her selfless actions and unwavering commitment to the safety of her colleagues and our community. May her extraordinary deeds inspire generations to come, and may her legacy serve as a guiding light for all who follow in your footsteps.”

President Pro-Tempore Phil Berger states, “Lt. Lyndsey Moses-Winnings represents the very best of North Carolina. When faced with imminent danger she did not hesitate or falter – she jumped into action, subdued a violent individual, and saved the lives of her colleagues. This Medal of Valor is just a small token of our appreciation for her heroic actions on Oct. 1, 2021, and her commitment to protect and serve the residents of Craven County and North Carolina.”

Tim Moore, Speaker of the North Carolina House, also praised Lt. Moses-Winnings, saying, “Craven County Sheriffs’ Deputy Lyndsey Moses-Winnings has exemplified extraordinary bravery and dedication in the line of duty, earning the prestigious Medal of Valor. This commendation reflects Deputy Moses-Winnings’ unwavering commitment to protecting and serving her community, even putting her personal safety at risk to ensure the safety of her fellow officer. We are immensely grateful for Deputy Moses-Winnings and the extraordinary bravery and heroism she demonstrated in the line of duty.”

Lt. Lyndsey Moses-Winnings expressed her gratitude, stating, “It is very humbling to receive this honor from the Lt. Governor for the events which occurred on the evening of October 1st., 2021.  I am happy to accept this award on behalf of myself, the Deputies who were with me that night, and the Craven County Sheriff's Office.”

Sheriff Chip Hughes of the Craven County Sheriff's Office added, “As Sheriff, and on behalf of the Craven County Sheriff’s Office, and the people of Craven County it is indeed a privilege to participate in the recognition of Lt. Lyndsey Moses-Winnings for her heroic actions on the evening of October 1st, 2021. Lt. Moses-Winnings acted with the highest level of bravery, beyond the call of duty, and is deserving of the Medal of Valor.”

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