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Lt. Governor Dan Forest Submits Comment to the State Board of Elections

Friday, July 28, 2017

Lt. Governor Dan Forest submits the following public comment to the State Board of Elections regarding their proposed rule change:

"I am in opposition to two rule changes being proposed by the State Board of Elections.

First, the proposed rule change to 08 NCAC 02 .0111 concerning election protests will have the effect of silencing all election protests. The proposed rule substantially increases the length of the form to file an election protest by inserting new administrative hoops that a prospective protester would have to jump through.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest Opposes HB2 Repeal Efforts

Thursday, March 30, 2017

"If HB2 was right to begin with, which I believe it was, then why are we repealing it? If it is wrong, then why wait four years to fix it? Such ambiguity undercuts the legitimacy of a law that we have fought so hard to defend. We are yielding the moral high ground and giving in to a new form of corporate extortion from an unaccountable, out of state, non-elected, tax-exempt organization (NCAA) and for what?... a ballgame? Why are we allowing them to dictate to us, laws that govern the protection of our people? We should have the backbone to tell them to take a hike."

Lt. Governor Forest's Response to Governor Cooper's HB2 Repeal Proposal

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: "If Governor Cooper's proposed bill for repealing HB2 becomes law, it will create a state-sanctioned 'Look But Don't Touch' policy in our bathrooms. Heterosexual men will be able to access women's showers and bathrooms by simply posing as a transgender individual. They will be able to watch women and children shower, or shower next to them.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest to Push for Campus Free Speech

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lt. Governor Dan Forest today announced his intention to work with members of the General Assembly to pass the “Restore Campus Free Speech Act”.  Recently, in spectacles that have been broadcast around the nation, speakers at college campuses are being denied their first amendment rights to freedom of speech.  This proposed legislation would ensure the First Amendment right of freedom of speech is upheld on North Carolina public university campuses.


Lt. Governor Dan Forest Presents Hispanic Outreach Task Force Findings

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RALEIGH -- Today, Lt. Governor Dan Forest presented the Hispanic Outreach Task Force findings surrounding Hispanic participation in Public Charter Schools at the State Board of Education Meeting.  The presentation focused on why Hispanics are underserved in public charter schools, using research and analysis of studies and focus groups from around the nation, as well as surveys conducted in North Carolina. 

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